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History of College

The best organization in Bankura district for the people of Bankura was BSMC & H. The root for the establishment of this organization was the establishment of the underlying Bankura Sammilani Medical School & Hospital in the year 1922. Bankura Sammilani was established in the year 1911(1318 in the Bengali calendar.) The first secretary of this organization was justice Digambar chattopadhyay.
Medical school & Hostel was started after hiring a house. In the first phase Physics and chemistry classes were organized in Bankura Christian College. In the meantime the organization received the farm house named ‘Nilambar Manjil’ and associated waste land as donation from Rai Bahadur Rishibar Mukhopadhyay. In the year 1924, when the age of the school was 3 years, the necessity of hospital & clinics aroused. This problem was solved by the financial support of a businessman of Kolkata named Trikarma Das Kuber, with his support a 14 bedded hospital with 4 doctors was established. After few days with the help of Mangala Dasi & her women’s organization, Gynecology ward was built up, later on with the help of Rai Bahadur Hari Prasad Bandopadhyay Surgery Operation theater was built & extended. Afterwards temporary recognition was obtained from Medical Registration in the year 1927, so that the students can pass the L.M.F. Exam.
Later on in 1930, the Govt. gave this school permanent recognition after fulfilling certain bonds but in the meanwhile the Bengal Govt. snatched all the land in Kenduadihi by giving lease @ 1Re/year for Cathedral Settlement and so the hostel was moved to Haritaki Bagan.
The renowned ‘Kole’ family of Kotulpur was one of the well to do business family of Kolkata. The 40 beded Kole Building, formed by the financial support of Bhola Nath Kole & Surendra Nath Kole was inaugurated by the reigning Governor of Bengal, John Anderson. After this the ISOLATION BLOCK & waiting room for the patient party was formed. The Anatomy dissection Room was then built up with the recommendation of Bengal Council of Medical Registration.
In this way, by following the ideology of self-dependence, approx. 150 bedded Bankura Sammilani Medical School & Hospital was established. Full credit should also be given to the Principal of Bankura Christian College, Prof. Rev. A.E. Brown, behind the development of Bankura Sammilani Medical School.
During the age of Bankura School, Some renowned doctors like Dr.AnathBandhu Roy, Dr. Durga Das Gupta, Dr. Narayan Chandra Roy, Dr. Ramgati Bandopadhyay, Dr. Lakshmi Narayan Das, Dr. Khudiram De, etc. left some unforgettable memories. In the pre-independence era, Bankura Sammilani Medical School was established as a successful organization.


Efforts were started in 1948, to transform this medical school to medical college and the West Bengal Government started conversion of medical schools to medical college. In May, 1948 Government issued an order that no more students will be admitted by the school authority and in January 1955, government granted Rs. 50,000 yearly to bear the expenditures of the hospital run by the Sammilani School and to arrange for training of the dresser, ward assistant & pharmacist.
In 1953-54 financial year by the initiative taken by district magistrate this institution got a grant of Rs. 60000 for regular yearly expenditure & Rs. 60000 for non conventional expenditure from the social welfare board Central Govt. of India.
With the help of this financial aid pediatric department, gynecology & obstetric department and other infrastructure were constructed and equipment for x-ray purchased. In 1950, 17th June Bankura sammilani applied to Calcutta University for obtaining recognisition of medical college. On the basis of this request the Calcutta University appointed an inspection committee. This committee visited the medical school, hospital, all equipments on 28th may 1951 and recommended to take some action for the start of the M.B.B.S course.
Accordingly, Bankura Sammilani took some steps within June of 1953 and on the basis of application by Bankura Sammilani on 9th June, 1953, Calcutta University appointed a five membered inspection team. This committee inspected the college on 2nd September and this committee placed a unanimous report. A grant was recommended in 1954 for M.B.B.S course in Bankura Sammilani Medical College & Senate gave permission for fifty M.B.B.S seats. Due to the provision of capitation students from Andhra Pradesh got admission & local students were deprived so the general people and local students demanded for Government undertaking & finally the Government of West Bengal undertook this college on 4th June 1961. In August 1964, 131 bedded Bankura district hospital was merged with the B.S. Medical College. This college is a great example of self-sufficiency and co-operation & makes good status of Bankura in the field of medical education in India.

Form the desk of the Principal

It is my proud privilege and honour to serve this esteemed institution, which also provides health care facilities to huge number of people, coming from the remote corners of this district, adjacent districts as well as from neighboring states since 1922.
There are massive infrastructural changes in this institution in last two years. Vertical extension of almost all the hostel buildings, vertical extension of G&O Building, extension of SNCU, extension of General Emergency with Observation wards, extension of examination hall, one new Lecture theater with 180 capacity, one large Lecture theater of 350 capacity, one large Lecture theater of 350 capacity, extension of other three Lecture theaters, extension of OPD ticket counters, extension and renovation of different pre-clinical (along with the Dissection hall), para-clinical and clinical departments, two new Common Rooms for the students (Boy’s & Girl’s), two new Public toilet blocks and one patient party waiting shed, installation of Digital X-ray facility have already been completed.
A huge ultramodern Central Library, repair and renovation of all the Staff Quarters, Maternal & Child Hub, one new ITU with all modern facilities, construction of a massive Electric Sub-station to meet the huge power load are at the verge of completion. The boundary wall of two Senior Boys hostels, playground and some staff quarters will also be started soon. Several lifts will be installed at Nutan Bhavan, main Hospital building, different multi-storied Hostels and G&O building. Construction of the Nursing College building (for BSc & MSc Nursing) and the Superspeciality building under PMSSY project have already been started.
I extend my congratulations to all the doctors, staff, students as well as the ex-students of this institution for their continuous support and co-operation. I hope that within few years, BS Medical College will be one of the best institutions of not only of this state, but also of the country. Thank you and take care.
Prof. Parthapratim Pradhan - Principal
Bankura Sammilani Medical College

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    Awareness of the moral and ethical responsibilities and recognition of the patient's rights in all respects in regard to privacy, confidentiality and consent and to contribute as far as possible to the advancement of medical knowledge.

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    The vision of the authority is essentially to create well trained medical personnel for treating the people utilising the modern facilities, as much as possible free of cost.

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    To work as a team to provide best possible free medical care, prevention of diseases as well as aware the people of all sections of the society.