Citizen Charter

Citizen Charter of Bankura Sammilani Medical College & Hospital

This charter seeks to provide an outline which enables our user to know : The services, which are available in this institution, the quality of services they are entitled to, the method of informing complaints and suggestions for rectification.

General Information

This Government Institution is a Medical College & Hospital. It provides medical education, research and health care to the people of Bankura district, neighbouring districts and even the nearby states. The buildings of the institution are mainly situated at the Lokepur campus and Gobindanagar campus of Bankura town. In addition, the Urban and Rural Health Training centers are located at Patpur and Amarkanan & Taldangra of Bankura respectively. Our specialist doctors are also serving the hospitals at Chhatna, Onda and Barjora of Bankura districts as well as at Raghunathpur of Purulia district. Medical Education and Research – Different UG & PG courses like- BSc- Nursing, MBBS, MS/MD in different disciplines (8) are conducted under West Bengal University of Health Sciences. Some other Nursing and Paramedical courses like GNM (under WB Nursing Council), DMLT, DRD, DRT, DPT etc (under WB State Medical faculty). Different research projects are also conducted by the faculties jointly and individually in different departments under the supervision of the Institutional Ethics Committee. Different other training programmes for medical/paramedical students of other institution/ university are also available on request. The training programme (CME) for the doctors are conducted by the Medical Education unit of the institution. Dean of Students’ Affairs look after the academic and other activities of the students of the institution.
Health Care- The institution provides health care to all patients who come to the hospital. Standards are influenced by patient load and availability of resources, which are generally under strain due to huge influx. However, the hospital tried its best to provide courteous, prompt, efficient and reliable attention to all the users, attending the hospital.
Medical Teachers: 200 (approx)
Doctors:250 (approx) (including JR/House Staff)
Nurses: 500 approx.(including Block Sister in Charge)
Other staff: 700 (approx) including security and contractual staff
Beds: Beds sanctioned strength is 1441 in addition ITU- MICU/RICU(20), ICCU (6), NICU/SNCU (85), PICU(12), Eclampsia (6), Dialysis day care (8), Thallassaemia day care (13), Chemotherapy day care (7)
Location: All the Pre-clinical Departments along with the College Administrative Office are situated at the Lokepur Campus. Para-Clinical and Clinical Departments along with Hospital



Timings: All routine essential investigations (Laboratory and Radiological) are available for 24 hours x 7days. Other Investigations (Laboratory and Radiological) are available on all working days (except OPD holidays). Reliability and promptness of laboratory results are ensured. The tests are done by the specialist doctors and technicians. Reports are made available within the shortest possible time. There are radiological facilities like Hoemetology, Histopathology, Blood Biochemistry, Straight X-Ray (Incl. Digital X-Ray) , CT Scan, MRI and USG. The Radiology department is approved by the AERB. Parenatal Sex determination is not available in this institution as per PNDT act.


Casualty and Emergency Services

Timings: 24 hours x 7days

Casualty Medical Officers and Resident doctors are available round the clock. On-Duty Specialist Doctors of different disciplines are available in the hospital round the clock in Major specialties like, Medicine, Cardiology, Surgery, Orthopedics, Gynae & Obs, Anaesthesiology, Eye, ENT, Pediatrics etc. Senior faculties in those major specialities are also available on-call round the clock, if desired by the treating doctors. Failure to respond to any patient in time is monitored by the Medical Superintendent cum Vice-principal. During attending the Emergency cases, the treatment /management gets priority over paper work. The decision of admission or refer rests with the treating doctors. Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation unit and ITU facility (12 bedded) are available. Emergency Operation Theatres, near the General Emergency are available. Another Emergency OT is available at G&O building for the Gynae and Obs cases.


Out Patient Departments (OPD)

Specialist Doctors of different disciplines like, General Medicine, Dermatology, TB & Respiratory diseases (including DOTS), Psychiatry, Cardiology, Neuromedicine, General Surgery, Urology, Orthopedics, Gynae & Obs, Paediatrics, Oncology & Radiotherapy, Eye, ENT, Pediatrics etc are available.
The Registration for OPD is from 9.00 am to 2 pm (except Sundays and fixed 10 Holidays/year) and the OPD timing is till the treatment of the last patient. Some Special Clinics (Diabetic clinic, Infertility clinic, Adolescent Clinic, Child Guidance clinic, Child Rehabilitation clinic, Thallassemia clinic) are held in the Hospital for various specialised diseases on specified days and time.
Every patient seeking treatment at the hospital OPD is registered and issued a Card for recording symptoms, diagnosis and treatment being provided. Display Boards indicating unit on duty on various days are displayed at receptions and in the OPD block. Most of the essential medicines are available free of cost from the OPD Pharmacy. Emergency Pharmacy remains open for round the clock for all essential medicines and consumables.
Telemedicine facility is available in Ophthalmology OPD. Facilities like, DOTS, ART centre, ICTC, ICTC (ANC), Audiometry, Speech therapy Unit, , Postpartum Unit with Family planning etc are available in different OPDs.

Indoor Facilities

All patients admitted in General Wards of the Hospital are treated free of cost. Free diet is provided to all patients in the General Wards. Every patient is given one attendant pass. Visitors are allowed only at notified visiting hours (4 pm to 6 pm everyday).
On admission of a medico legal case, the hospital has to mandatorily honor the rules of the Indian Government and informs the local police authorities.
Thalasemia Control Unit (TCU) is functioning for the Thallassemic patients.
Mon & Wed : Outreach Camp
Tues, Thus, Fri & Sat : OPD, Investigation & PRBC Transmission.
Dialysis facility is also available at Lokpur campus. However, the facility for Organ Transplant is not available in this Hospital till date.
The beds and food are absolutely free of cost for all patients.
All the available investigation including X-Ray, CT-Scan, MRI, Echo, BERA, NCS, etc are free of cost for all the patients. Swasthya Sathi Card (Rs.5,00,000/- per year per family), Illness Assistance fund are also available for patients under BPL category.

Other Facilities

bsmc Location Guide Map and different signages in English and local languages are displayed in different location of the Institution for easy guidance. Moreover, there is help-Desk counter at Entrance of the main hospital building, where Rogi Sahayaks help and guide the patients and their parties. A control room functions round the clock at Wardmaster Office beside General Emergency, which can be accessed over phone number (03242) 244714. Different National/ State programmes including financial resources like State Illness Assistance Fund (SIAF), Janani Suraksha Yojona (JSY), Janani Sishu Surakshan Karyakram (JSSK), National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB), Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK), Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojona (RSBY) etc are also available.
bsmcA licensed Blood Bank is available in this hospital and it is one of the Regional Blood Transfusion Centre of West Bengal. Component separation is available in the Blood Bank.
The construction and maintenance (24x7) of the College & Hospital are done by the Civil and Electrical division of PWD (West Bengal) and Office of the PWD is situated within the hospital campus.
Wheel Chairs and stretchers are available on request at the gate of OPD & Casualty for the facility of patients who are not in a position to walk. Ambulances are available round the clock for shifting hospital patients from one building to another and for the movement of on-call doctor and emergency staff. Ambulance (Nischoy Jan) is also available free of cost for the movement of the mother, who delivered baby in this institution as a part of JSS Karyakram.
Police Morgue and post-mortem facility are available.
Medical Board facility is also available on request.
There are standby generators to cater the emergency services in case of power failure. A Fair Price Medicine Shop (under PPP mode) is situated within the Hospital campus, where essential medicines and consumables are available for all the indoor, outdoor and outside patients on subsidy rate. (51% less than MRP). Public Telephone Booths, ATM counters of different banks are available at various locations in the hospitals. Adequate drinking water and toilet facilities are available. Canteen for the patients is available. Deadbody (only in case of normal death) can be donated to the Department of Anatomy for academic and research purpose. However facility for eye donation or organ donation is not available till date. Suggestions / Complaint boxes are also available at various locations in the College and Hospital. Moreover, one can submit their letter at the Office of the Principal or MSVP on working hours and to the Office of the Wardmaster during non-working hours. A public grievance committee, headed by the MSVP looks after all the complains / suggestions. If any problem is not resolved locally, the complain may be forwarded to the Director of Medical Education/ Director of Health Services, Swasthya Bhavan, Saltlake, Kolkata- 700 091.

Cinical Facilities

Specialist Doctors of different disciplines like, Medicine, Cardiology, Neuromedicine, Surgery, Orthopedics, Urology, Gynae & Obs, Oncology & Radiotherapy, Eye, ENT, Pediatrics etc are available.

Timings of Treatment -
- Registration for OPD - 9.00 am to 2 pm (except Sundays and fixed 10 Holidays/year)
- OPD timing till last patient treatment - 2.30 pm
- Special Clinics are held in the Hospital for various specialised diseases on specified days and time.
- Routine essential investigations (Laboratory and Radiological) are available 24 x 7
- Other Investigations (Laboratory and Radiological) are available on all working days (except OPD holidays)
- Radiological facilities - X-ray, CT Scan, MRI and USG
NB: Reliability and promptness of laboratory results are ensured. The tests are done by the specialist doctors and technicians. Reports are made available within the shortest possible time. Prenatal Sex determination is not available in this institution as per PNDT act.

Central Research Laboratoy

Chairperson: Prof. Swapan Pathak, Head, Department of Pathology
In-Charge: Dr. Nandini Bhaduri, Department of Pathology
Members: Prof. Ranadeb Bandyopadhyay, Dean of Students’ Affairs & HoD, Orthpaedics, BSMC / Prof. Jayanta Bikash De, Head, Department of Microbiology / Prof. Pinaki Sarkar, Head, Department of Biochemistry/ Prof. Syamal Kundu, Head, Department of General Medicine/ Prof. Ranadeb Bandyopadhyay, Head, Department of Orthopaedics / Dr. Aditya Prasad Sarkar, Associate Professor, Department of Community Medicine/ Dr. Ananya Mandal, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology / Aruna Bhattyacharjee, Department of Biochemistry